Vanderbilt Bowl - Out of Stock

Vanderbilt Bowl - Out of Stock
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Product Description

Vanderbilt service porcelain bowl to match antique Vanderbilt pattern.

3"H X 6 1/4" Opening.

Hand wash only.

Photo courtesy of Burton+Burton

The Biltmore House is located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in Asheville, North Carolina. George Vanderbilt was inspired to build this country estate in 1888 while on a short vacation in western North Carolina.

The estate and surrounding 125,000-acre grounds were designed by the creator of New York's Central Park, Frederick Law Olmstead. His genius also afforded him the title "father of American landscape architecture."

Long known as America's largest privately owned home, the Biltmore House is a profitable working estate. Its 8,000-acre estate, serviced by over 1,700 employees, receives more than a million visitors a year. This exquisite retreat is a sight to behold, so when your travels take you south, be sure to visit.